Risks of Hoarding Cryptocurrency as an investor

There are numerous reasons why people choose to invest or buy cryptocurrency. The most outstanding reason is however strongly rooted on financially motivated choices. Cryptocurrency is for sure an investment object. For the numerous investors, the hope is that with time the currency they are buying will be worth more than the current buying price.  … Read more

Learn something about Miner Capitulation 

I know not so many would sit back and try to consider the source of their crypto holdings. It is somewhat necessary to at least have some idea about what really happens. Like in the case of the ordinary currency that gets printed or minted, cryptocurrencies are never created through this procedure. In cryptocurrency, a … Read more

You may just lose your cryptos out of a Wrongfully authorised transactions

Other than just having access to paper money and physical coins, most people have already tasted the sweetness of digital currency. It is just a matter of time before a great attention shifts to cryptocurrencies and the digital coins. For sure Bitcoin and the other major currencies have offered alternative payment systems without any central … Read more

Private cryptocurrency wallet key

Trading in Bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies that emerged after it greatly require an understanding of its operation. Having registered and having a crypto account gives you a platform to start buying your digital currencies. Your purchased cryptocurrencies are then stored into your digital crypto wallet. Anybody who has crossed paths with the exciting … Read more

Unique Features of Ether, the second most transacted crypto

The massive developments within the crypto space has led to the creation and development of hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Currently, the two most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum has garnered a huge fraction of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. But unlike Bitcoin, Ether is more of a digital currency that can be used … Read more

Altcoin Exchange to look up to as an investor

  The Altcoins are generally regarded as the cryptocurrencies other than the Bitcoin (BTC). On some occasions, people have always considered Altcoins as cryptos other than Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH). This is based on the fact that the majority of the cryptocurrencies are established from the two. Currently, the Altcoins constitute nearly 80 percent of … Read more

Where can one Use some of the Leading Altcoins?

Altcoins, just like bitcoin, are not your ordinary currencies. Instead, they are investable assets and whose great utility lies in volatility and increasing public acceptance. A couple of years ago, crypto would be simply dismissed as yet another swindler game designed by techies to fleece unsuspecting or rather ambitious investors. But, today the story has … Read more

What Crypto Pundits Say about Altcoins

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new reality today which means that people literally learn on the go. To this day, thirteen years since bitcoin landed in the market in 2009, mixed stories have been propagated around what cryptocurrencies portend. In hindsight, some people have marvelled at the coming of cryptocurrencies, praising it as being the greatest … Read more