Ether (ETH) Leading the Park of Best Altcoin investment options

Altcoins for sure are in a quick race to try their luck in upstaging bitcoin from its prestigious lead as a most transacted and popular crypto. Granted, bitcoin has broken new grounds including becoming a legal tender for two countries already and the future still appears more luminous than ever. But, altcoins will not just … Read more

Popular Altcoins in the Market Today

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced in 2009 and any other cryptocurrency that came after falls under the group “altcoins”. The combo of two words is derived from the two phrases “alternative coin”. For other experts in the crypto market, they consider altcoins to be the competitor coins to BTC. We recommend you … Read more

Bitcoin is not Altcoins; Here is the clear cut 

In the news, especially on the slot of financial news, you can’t help but hear at least something about cryptocurrency. If you can pay attention to financial news, stock markets, and also look into technological advancements, cryptocurrency is the banger topic in action. Millions of people, especially the young generation, are into cryptocurrency transacting, remitting, … Read more

Altcoins Explained

Cryptocurrency has without a doubt caught financial technology with a storm. There has never been a time when fintech nerds have put their best of minds in trying to create purely virtual currencies with no risk of double spending as today. Without necessarily excluding the older generation from the whole issue, so many will agree … Read more

Why Bitcoin Investors may Need to invest in Altcoins too

To many, even those who have dealt with cryptocurrency for a while, the temptation to refer to bitcoin as cryptocurrency is real. Actually, so many find themselves talking about crypto but keep referring to bitcoins af if they mean the same thing. The truth is that bitcoin is just one of the many other cryptos … Read more