Changing Altcoins to Bitcoin

 Cryptocurrency investing is one venture that really calls for diligence and smartness especially among starters. Becoming rich and attaining the ability to buy high end stuff remains the driving force for any crypto investor. Unfortunately, so many such goals and ambitions end up in abyss because of wrong decisions including non-diversification of crypto currency portfolio. 

Remember, cryptocurrencies generally work with volatility as a key for making good returns. When unanticipated occurrences disrupt the crypto market, the coins tend to shed value and leave investors reeling in losses. But, certain coins continue to do better even when disruptions in the market persist. So, anyone who holds altcoins may need to also swap some of that into bitcoins in the time tested spirit of risk spreading and portfolio diversification. 

A short brief about Bitcoins and Altcoins 

Shortly after BTC being introduced in the cryptocurrency industry, altcoins came and offered a necessary alternative to the main. Now there is no doubt that altcoins cover at least 80% of the cryptocurrency market since numerous altcoins are already in circulation. However, on the flip side, investing in altcoins comes with a higher risk factor as compared to the traditional crypto BTC.

But this should not be a reason to discourage someone from taking up the initiative to invest in something as epic as crypto altcoins. Altcoins offers you an opportunity to earn high returns especially if you know how to squeeze more earnings from it. No wonder they stand as alternatives and in this case, they are altcoins for the better.

Users are at liberty however to trade between two cryptocurrencies directly. In this manner a user can exchange ETH with BTC or even do the exchange in the other way. Such transactions get swiftly and immediately executed. Because of this quick speed of action and nature of technology used, it is not very possible to be able to revert such a transaction. In as much as altcoins could be the best option for most traders, there are some users who would still feel confident with BTC.

A little narration about Bitcoin

Every time cryptocurrency pops up, what often comes to mind is Bitcoin. Well, this should not sound awkward or appear in a way to diminish the alternatives. It is very natural as BTC was the very first crypto to be created in the cryptocurrency industry. It has since experienced a tremendous growth in its value.

There are many other cryptocurrencies in the world, presently, but BTC is still regarded as gold. Speaking of exchange trading in the cryptocurrency market, a recent report has indicated that the exchange rate value of BTC has greatly risen. However, BTC is a highly volatile cryptocurrency with a very high market value.

With any existing plans to invest in cryptocurrency, there should be a higher chance that you consider buying Bitcoin. Or for someone who is already an investor in cryptocurrency, it is easier to exchange your other crypto ownings to BTC. In this way you can still enjoy the huge returns from BTC and yet rest assured to shift at any time to the other alternatives.

Altcoins in brief

It is now everywhere and when dealing with cryptocurrency, this word altcoin has now become a household necessity. Even amidst the existence of a well-established cryptocurrency with a high dollar average value like BTC we still got some better alternatives.

While BTC remains to be the standard coin in cryptocurrency, altcoin offers the best alternatives possible cryptocurrencies. The altcoins have some common characteristics with BTC but clearly there are certain aspects that set them apart. However, given the existence of different mechanics like smart contracts, altcoins have grown hugely in terms of value and popularity. 

Altcoins for sure have great and numerous varieties to trade in but it is very important that you can just identify the perfect one for you. Most experts however believe that most altcoins are just BTC clones, for instance Litecoin which uses a copy of BTC code. However, while each and every altcoin thrives to become a better version of BTC, in most instances all they do is just follow its lead.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Altcoins

The process of buying and selling altcoins is not really any far apart. However, now that you can already open an account with an exchange wallet, it is easier to perform your cryptocurrency exchanges for altcoins.

Each and every investor in altcoins needs to have access to a cryptocurrency exchange platform to help them in trading. There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges that have been made available for all the altcoin users. But just a few of these offer the very best and are reputed as dependable. All you need is just to pick the right one and for this case, CEX.IO remains to be the best. 

Altcoins to Bitcoin Trading

Most users often look for a chance to exchange their two most popular currencies which could either be ETH for BTC in the market. One option that is always the best for such individuals is purchasing a cryptocurrency coin while paying for it with another. One good example can be the option of converting an altcoin to BTC.

This option is the best especially for the users who need BTC, the most popular crypto in their network. But in other news, some users would also just wish to multiply their cryptocurrency portfolio. However, no matter the reasons behind this urge of exchange of cryptocurrencies, one major concern is security of their operation.

Among the numerous exchange platforms CEX.IO offers you with the best opportunity to change your altcoin to BTC. With this platform, safety is rest assured and nothing can ever go wrong. All data and transaction information are greatly secured to help curb the issues of double spending.

You can change Ethereum to Bitcoin stress free

Just like one can visit an exchange bureau and have their Euro bills converted to US Dollar without much hassle, the case is no different for crypto. The only difference is that while traditional money exists in notes and coins that a person stashes in a bag and carries to the exchange, cryptocurrencies are swapped at the exchanges. Actually, the perfect terminology about giving out your bitcoins and getting altcoins of an equivalent amount credited into your wallet is swapping. 

Today, so many exchanges have the functionality that allows users to simply and easily change their cryptos. Converting ETH to BTC has  never been so safe either. Some exchanges will charge you a fee for the exchange but this isn’t so huge amount to worry about . The charges needed highly dependent on the volume of transactions carried out within the last 30-days.

However, this can differ in some instances. The more trading operations a user makes on every exchange, the lower the transaction fees charged. The reason why security of search exchange platforms is necessary is majorly because such an exchange is irreversible. Once it is done it is done and there is no turning back.